The Telescope

Are you ready to reach for the stars? Take a peak through The Centralverse Telescope API to see deeper into what makes the Centralverse work! It is your gateway to access the vast data repository of the Centralverse. This data is generally curated by Centralverse, Inc. staff under the direction of out Editor in Chief. All data is supplied as is with no warranty, though we do our best to present accurate data. If you notice any factual inaccuracies, please notify us by visiting our Contact Us page.

The details and links below are intended as a guide to accessing the Telescope. Please play around with each of the options to gather the data you need. This data is made publicly available primarily for educational purposes, though other relevant use cases across business and industry are also acceptable.

What data type are you looking for?

We can generate data in CSV or JSON format. Which would you like? We use JSON by default. When you choose to use CSV we add a parameter to the URL to signal the server to return CSV data.

The Library

A curated list of literature, film, podcasts, and other media relating to the Centralverse. Curated by our editor in chief.

The Full Library

Pulls every item stored in the library.

Generic Search

Pulls items stored in the library based on a generic search (also referred to as fuzzy searching). This search will primarily look for matches on title and author. The data will return a value for it's confidence in the results as confidenceScore.

Enter Your Search:

Presidents, Governors, and other Centralverse Citizens

Get the basic details and information about all of the Centralverse citizens. This includes presidents of Federal Reserve banks, governors of the Federal Reserve system, and other relevant people.

The Full List

Pulls information about all of the Centralverse citizens.

By Role Titles

Pulls information about all of the Centralverse citizens that have had a specific title at one point.

Enter a title to search (e.g. "Chair"):